What we do here at S.F. Domestic cleaners in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our Domestic Cleaning Service supplies the whole of Newcastle upon Tyne with house cleaners.

We operate only as a Home Cleaning Service, and therefore consider this to be our specialised field, we feel that from a professional point of view this is beneficial to our clients.

We of course offer an expertise based on our experience, but we realise that we are only as good as the “cleaners” that we employ, so our vetting procedures and training programmes for our “cleaners” are widely recognised as one of the most professional in the whole country, not just Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our staff are checked on a number of levels before we even agree to train them, we check all employers refences and follow this up with personall calls to previous employers, all staff are strenuously checked, we visit all staff in their own homes, then after we run more checks and only then do we put them through our induction course so as to begin to train and educate them to our exceptionally high standards.

This procedure has allowed our company to be known as extremely professional and efficient in our specialised field of domestic Home cleaners.